New Naish sliding plate mount

I guess many of you have seen it already, but not ALL of you :wink:
Spotted by @axgib

Go straight to 3:10


Just today I thought about building a sliding mechanism for the mast :smile: but remains the problem with the waterproof plugs for the phase cables so that the mast can really be detached.

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Sliding contacts could be used (see cars with sliding doors) with uncertain longevity in salt water.
The best system IMHO is a hinged plate system with strong male/female contacts.

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I don’t get it, he replaced 4 Philipps screws by another Philipps screw…so he still needs the damn screwdriver.
If it was a big slotted screw you can tighten with any coin, ok; or something like those foldable camera screws (they even got a cutout so you cant loose them):

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Even for windsurfing I always have a screwdriver in the car, so that isn’t really a big deal. The advantage is that you have one instead of four screws and it should be easier to remove this screw as it only fixes the plate in the rails, not the entire mast which also needs to be aligned correctly.

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Regarding the waterproof plugs I posted something that may help you here Broken Lift Efoil - #19 by Fabien_n - Products -


Having used the system for a while now, I think there are two main advantages. One is it takes installation time down from appx. 4 mins to about 10 secs. 4 screws was a tad annoying. The real advantage is that it is much easier to make sure you have the foil installed in the same location every time.

Its really interesting to see the hinge suggestion for plugs.

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We did a similar sliding mast plate system last year, but we slided it in on one side and on the other side we used a “click in system” similar to the mechanism on ski or intec or k2 snowboard boots. This way you don`t even need a screwdriver to unlock you just had to press a thumb size lever…

But cable connection was the main issue. We had a mechanism similar to MC4 plugs. It works but sand in between the mast plate is still a big issue.
Will be the same on this Naish Abracadabra plate, but if your able to keep it cleen it is a really helpfull invention:+1:

Welcome aboard. One hour per day here and you will forget KF :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It could be converted tool-less with 2 quick release + Tnut or a lever like the Nobile splitboard.

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Does anyone know if this abracadabra plate is compatible to other masts and foils than Naish? Or can you make is compatible somehow?

The naish mast profile is quite common among manufacturers. Its the same as AXIS and GONG mast profiles, so they will fit. Dimensions are 110mm x 14mm (i think). Three M6 bolts at 40mm centers.

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Perfect! I want to get a Gong foil :grin: thanks

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