New Project Surfjet/Jetboard

Hello everyone im Lex from Canada! where i live… only river so efoil is not good for me … so if u want an idea what is a jetboard u can go on this video Youtube →
Im new with RC motor, ESC and batteries… that why im asking some help.
the only think i know this stuff is getting very hot… so i need motor, ESC water cooled like the video…
So i dont know which motor u recommend to me and which ESC and batterie for max power and minium for 1h of usage. Thank you,

How fast do you want to go? A jetboard is not very effiecient so a one hour ride would need a huge battery or a lower speed.

for me 20-25 km/h its enough at 90% so maybe 1h for a 60% ?

I think that would be posible, lets wait for people with experience with a jet drive. I have only prop drives right now.

I don’t want to be the bad guy but:
It is really hard to get a ESC which can handle the amps
It is also hard to get a reliable battery
And it is still not efficient

But it works after a long journey.
Now I am driving both, the e-jetsurf and the petrol Jetsurf…

In the moment I am building up a remote.

That is the next challenge…
We are building up a remote which can be used with UART devices like VESC and normal Essen like MGM.
And important for e-surfers, check all the risky parameters like temperature of the battery,…

If you would like to get more Info. Let me know. If you are in Europe, I can call you…
Everything pls. via PN


let go for a 30min only ^^ its fine for me

Better aiming 20-30 min / battery and have 2 of them
A good set up :

Review on e-surfer

Probably 2 MHz jet unit 52mm?
2 vesc like flipsky 200A
2 sss motor 56123 with 400-500kv
A 40h battery 12s

Yes the 52mm Jet from MHZ

Thank you so much :smiley: im gonna check that

okay now i got 2 3D printed Water jet 64mm … i think im gonna get this motor
with this > > > > > > > > >
someone said: > > > > > > > > > You also need a li battery that could deliver about 7 kW of power, 14s-16s. Which will just give out 15000 rpm (3.7v x 16s = 60 v) (60v x 250 kv = 15000 rpm)
which batteries is good for that config :S im lost xD

I am using the MGM 400-63, the Lehner TorQstar and a Kokam 14S1P configuration…
I don’t think the alienpowersystem stuff will be good enough. It is relabeled flier and China stuff.
I have killed the MGM twice and also once the Lehner…
Spend more money at the start :v:

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do u have link ? for that parts and motor ?

OMG ahaha the price i cant spend that much atm … :confused:

Jap, the is really expensive stuff. Instead of the MGM I would now give the Trampa a try. It is cheaper but has no safety features and automatic connect to the battery and the caps

its better than normal RC batteries ?

Better off with 2 motor set up
For one motor :
Tp motor : tp100
Trampa vesc 75/300

Battery : forget about this type of mount , doesn’t take the power and everything will go a part with the bounces on the water

Rc battery will work but can take fire , Samsung cell 18650 : 30q , 25R will not ( probably other brand as well but not all of them …)

Better put the money on the table first for parts , smart buy but surely not cheap buy …

I would like to build one but I don’t the time or the money now , but I will use the part l listed

to mgm esc: there is also the HBC series. this is the industrial version. here you also have live monitoring with a display of mgm or pc. alternatively with an iisi cockpit v2. mgm provided me with the protocol for my flying sports equipment years ago. so i can read all data there directly from the esc and wirelessly display and save it. Those who are concerned with power surfboard development may have some advantages due to the industrial version. from mgm i know that many people have been working with it for a long time. Sure, it costs a little more, but it is “indestructible” with the HBC 250/63 (that’s the industrial brother of 400/63), 10 kilowatts of continuous output are no problem.

I use also the industrial version. It can be destroyed :wink: twice times…
My key learnings:

  • Use 2 banks of capacitors, cable cross section 35mm2.
  • Industrial connectors
  • Relays like KiloVac (one for the caps and a big one for the ESC)

Enclosed I send you a screenshot from one of the runs.
Here you can see the data an make some analysis after the run or in real time.

What was the reason for writing that you should also consider the RC ESC?
The actual version of the 400 RC version uses better FETs.
So maybe it is easier to set up and a little more stable.