New project with Gong board and foil


I’ve been scrolling the forum and thought I’ll start a thread about my ideas and progress!

I decided to sell my monster e-bike and use the money for an efoil project!
Originally I was thinking about building my own board but I realized I won’t have the time to finish the project by next summer if I’ll go down that road. And my goal is next summer.

So my plan is the following:

Board: Some model from Gong
Mast and wings: Gong
Motor / electronics: Maytech kit

Battery: I’ll build something. I have a k-weld and some experience with batteries.

Does anyone have experience with converting a Gong board? Cutting it out, making a lid etc?

How are the Maytech motors and ESC holding up? It’s seems everyone else is going for Flipsky?

Oh! And keep in mind that I’ve never done any kind of foil riding before! :sweat_smile:

Any input is greatly appreciated!

Best regards

Lars in Sweden

Maytech are overpriced for no benefit, i think this is why flipsky are more popular.

There are some gong builds here, how hard it is comes down to what battery you will use and which board you have as this sets the size of the enclosure you need. It takes some effort but if you can build stuff already then it’s not hard

Lars also in Sweden😄

I have the flipsky W7 kite round shaft and the 75200 waterproof esc and vx3. It works fantastic. But the propeller needs to be changed from what they deliver. I got the fliteboardprop, just needed to bore it from 11mm to 12mm and bingo you can go 42kmh on 12s. Super quite. Love it.

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How great with another Lars from Sweden! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’ve seen you on the forum and figured you were from Sweden. So in short, it’s not worth the extra money to get a complete kit without the hassle of tuning everything etc?

Great input, I will look into flipsky also. Any suggestions on where to order from? Would be nice to avoid any bumps on the road if possible. :blush:

Also @Larsb, I will buy any suitable board and build the battery according to that. I think if I get the board and mast /wings right according to my riding experience from the beginning, I’ll tailor my battery accordingly. I think I’m a fast learner (most of the time) so I’m not leaning towards a 100% beginner board. :blush:

The board is not so important as long as you get a decent size for your weight, the wing is the critical part. I still love my gong curve LT, have tried some smaller wings but actually liked them less and i think this wing might be ok to learn on too - if you’re getting gong wings. Also get a V2 mast setup, the V1 is too flimsy.

The kit isn’t tuned when you get it, it’s just a kit of parts. I’d stay away from maytech stuff if there’s any price difference at all to the same flipsky gear.

This is a link to a “group” product that lets pick some options. Sometimes individual pieces of the group are on sale so you might save a bit more once you get used to the site.

Okay! I Will look into these options today. I’m about 85kg. What mast height do you have / think I should aim for?
By the way, what part of Sweden are you located in?

Thank you! I will have a look around! :blush:

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Gothenburg. I think mast height depends a lot on your car width for easy transport but i’d say at least 75cm. I started on a 65 but when i switch to boards with longer mast i like it better, it gives a better clearance to waves and to breaching the surface with the wing when carving.

That sounds reasonable! But I can’t seem to find the Curve LT with a 75cm mast, only 65 or 85.

I have a 75cm mast (dictated by cable lenght as I use a box on top)

when waves get bigger I would prefer more clearance, especcisly in choppy conditions, so better go for 85 cm

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Thank you. I was reasoning with a friend who also is building a board the other day and he also opted for 85cm. So that what I’m looking for now. Unfortunately the Gong curve LT 85cm is out of stock right now. I’m not in a hurry with the mast though.