New propeller from flipsky 120mm

What do you propeller gurus think about this one? I received the 7 1/4 with my 65161 motor and plan to cut it to 140mm as suggested. But for $45 I may just get one of these.

I see its 10mm shaft :frowning:

You could use a 1mm shaft sleeve on the 8mm portion of the shaft. Not optimal but will likely work OK.

A 3.7" pitch prop :rofl:

Thats going to run super slowly!

Could be good for 190kv motor @nice2cu

Thanks guys. So for the 65161 120k the ideal prop size and pitch is?

For an Jetdrive!
Diameter ok, but the pitch :scream:

7" or 6". Depends also on your S (battery setup)

Thanks I have 12s12p samsung 30q. Efoil using core sls1250cm2.

7" I would chose.
I am driving this and it’s fine. Also I am not the lightest drivers and my board is not the biggest but still i manage to start

Flipsky tech told me they are working on a new prop for the 65161 but its still not ready yet.

Haha they mean the factory that does the motor is…

Yes I don’t know who actually makes these but seem like several labels on same stuff for sure.

At 45usd, it is the same price as the proven Fliteboard prop…
Hopefully the new one will look like Kedean’s …