New propulsion system

I use the customized Neugart gearbox and 65120 motor, to build a more efficient propulsion. Neugart PLPE 50 's radial force can reach to 800N. Once I receive the gearbox and will test the propulsion with different kv to find out the best combination.

The max output rpm 3000 is ok?

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Just a quick question, how do you do to tighten the gearbox motor coupling in your design?

The gearbox and the sun gear are pluggable.
Firstly, mount the sun gear on the motor and then fix the gearbox.

Your drawing is wrong if you want to do like this
The hole in the motor mount must be much bigger

There is no need to make bigger hole to mount motor.

Firstly, mount the motor on the hull, just like the following figure shows.
Then, mount and tighten the sun gear on the motor shaft
Finally, fix the gearbox on the hull.


Without any kind of Stop position it will be difficult to find exact axial position of the sungear.

The sungear’s input length for motor shaft is determined,I will use customized 12650 motor for this assembly. but, this method need to be tested when i receive the gearbox.

ok, I now understand the trick !!!

We designed a new ESC(75v/200A) based on Benjamin’s VESC 75/300


Did I understand it right, this VESC is inside the Motor Enclosu? :thinking:

My original plan was to put the ESC inside the hull(innner diameter 68mm),but this version is too big(diameter 90mm).
I’ll use this version with external mount and will redesign other version which can be placed inside the hull.

I will use 56114 motor, and want to reach max power of 3500w and with max rpm of 12000(max rpm of gearbox is 3000).

Compatible remote controller

  1. GPS positioning
  2. cruise control,cruise acceleration and deceleration
  3. wireless charging
  4. speed, temperature ,rpm
  5. 1.5" oled
  6. waterproof IP67