New RL efoil wing

today i got the latest RL wing. Beautifully finished, everything in visible carbon, 1600cm² area. It should use 30% less electricity than the previous one. The new fuselage is also included. I still have to build reinforcements so I can attach the gong mast with 6mm screws.


Hi Ralph,
very, very nice - almost too good to use - this will be my next wing - mast and fuselage I already have here :+1:
Can you please tell me the wing span :question:

the wing is 84cm wide

Hi Ralph,
thank you - that size will be easy to fly :surfing_man:

Is the fuselage compatible with the liquid force mast? I see three large holes. I imagine that this is designed to fit most masts right?

that is what I hope. It will not work with 50km/h, but it is great for carving

The RL fuselage screw pattern and dimensions. Please post the Liquid Force mast dimensions and screw spacing.

Liquid force uses 2 bolts m8 with spacing 58mm. So you can use 2 holes close to gether or the 2 outside holes. Enough room to play with.

I think that’s the reason for all the holes - should fit to all masts - I hope that the stability is still great enough - especially if only M6 screws can be used.
I would also close the unused holes with 3d printed parts.


M6 screws in 8.5mm holes won’t be so nice. Sleeves for the screws might be a good thing for a better screw centering.
It will also be very interesting to test the differences in carves between a mast positioned in the fore holes and a mast positioned in the aft/rear holes.

Looking for a speed/rpm/amp comparison between E-Ray 1600cm2 wing at 299€ (84cm ws x ? chord) AND the RL high AR no-name 1068cm2 (800 x 170mm) 229€ from June 2018, same motor and propeller…
@Subusi what is the max chord of this wing ?

What is “chord” :blush:

I can tell it to you on friday.
The fuselage looks really strong. And you are right, 6mm screws are not good. I reinforce it with a threated sleeve

perfect quality.:wink: I’m looking forward to the first ride


Wow. That’s a monster.

I hope you do not mean the baby :grinning:

The baby is the cutest. That rear stab is a monster. :slight_smile: congrats (on the baby) xx

Just in case…
The chord is the straight line between two extremities of an arc. In maths, same as Robin Hood bow and bow string. In aviation, in an airfoil section, the curved top line is also an arc therefore the chord name (between leading edge and trailing edge). For an efoil elliptical wing, seen from above, the max chord is generally the length along the fuselage, the wing “max width” somehow.

Beautiful wing, where did you it ordered from? Direct from RL?

ahh, okay. Thanks.
I can measure it tomorrow.
this is my contact adress

the chord is 24,5cm.

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