New System for me

Made by a friend who knows his craft :+1::+1::+1:
Plus RL Mast, and my engine, which continues to pursue the 6S philosophy. Bigger prop, little slip, high overall ETA and also inexpensive due to the batteries.

The Black Pieces are Prototypen. I will make it in Alu too.
Greetings Frank


Outrunner incl Propeller mount


Can I buy this outrunner anywhere?
Looks really nice!! :slight_smile::slight_smile:

Frank, can you share stp-files of mast clamp?

Uploading: IMG_20210609_182213_750.jpg…

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Looks sleek as f!
I am guessing its aluminium. U got any Eddy problems? Overheating? (outrunner)

I believe there won’t be Eddy current issues, cogging usually appear when you spin an outrunner inside/around a stationary conductor, in this case the adapter/rotor cover spins together.

Oh it spins! Thought it was bolted on.

Possible only an welded extension of the original outrunner motor ?

i recall it is ALL custom β€œdiy” made :sunglasses:


Yor right, the comment is under the photo, my bad. Some skill there!

Not for you :roll_eyes::joy:
Best regards Frank

No, this is one pieces out steel.
The complete Outrunner are two pieces :blush: