New type of Jet Propulsion system?

Kind of redneck solution, maybe not that efficient. But guess no gear and enables even with a foil engine to be out of water, direct drive, only straight axle?

Jet Turbo Pantaneiro on google helps with details.

Not meaning to use this engine on a foil but only the propulsion part of it :slight_smile:

So if I understand correctly, water is vaccumed from the bottom and redirected backwards with a 90 degrees angle ?

Pros I see:

  • engine can be mounted vertically in the board with rotating axis in the mast
  • motor ESC and battery packed in same area
  • waterproofing : only in the board (hatch, …)
  • water expelled through the fuselage


  • Not sure about the efficiency.
  • more noise and vibration
  • fuselage section should be important: jet-turbo-65hp-ebay-2

Water pump propulsion like the first “jet surfboard” 40 years ago …

That will be super inefficient. The 90 degree bend means it’s for a super slow speed. If you want to go for a jet design. There much better ones available.

Checked some Youtube videos with the 6.5 hp and 3 hp versions. As a very inaccurate estimation looks like, at these speeds, probably same speed as outboard with roughly 30% less power. However i think with this design as outboard version, the resistance of the jet housing is huge. By no means don’t think this will be efficient but in a surf board version tho whole unit can be integrated in the hull so would probably work better there. Probably the bend can be re designed to a less steep? Somehow like the simple design, good idea. Efficiency is then another story.

Here some parts to this machine, impeller is roughly 15 euros!

And here a more developed version for outboards.