New unique build

HI Im new to efoil but love to wing foil.
I trying to create something different and have some questions.
My question is can I drive an efoil motor with another efoil motor. Obviously one motor would have to be driven by some kind of motor.
ex A small gas motor is connected to the first emotor which is then wired to the next emotor which would have the prop.
I am thinking way outside the box here but trying to create something different for a project.
I don’t want to use batteries or controllers.
Just the speed of the gas motor would dictate the speed of the second emotor.
in theory I’m thinking this should work.
Does anybody have any ideas if this would work or not??

Basically what you are trying to do is use a petrol motor to drive a dynamo to create electric current to then drive an electric motor. This will result in large inefficiencies, but I’m guessing you are trying to get away from a gearbox. Ultimately a gearbox would be a way easier solution…

I guess it’ll work (really poorly) with petrol to generator brushed dc motor to drive brushed dc motor

But why consider it, it’ll be inferior in every way to the normal options out there