New universal aluminum mast for e-foil

Hello, Kyle here with Project Cedrus. Last summer, we released our new “engineered aluminum” mast which is compatible with all Project Cedrus carbon mast adapters and mounts. It’s 20% of the price, with only 20% of the weight penalty. The same stiffness, strength, and modularity of our carbon models, it is perfect for e-foil builds. Just wanted to let the group know that you can now design your e-foil around a nearly infinite number of wings, thanks to adapters and fuselages from Project Cedrus. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!

DXF File


Nice! It would be very helpful for the community if you post a dxf of the mast profile. Like this everybody can start designing a motor mount.

Thanks for the advice, I have added a link to the DXF file to the post. It contains both the exterior profile as well as the internal cavities so you can optimize wire gauging and routing.

This is epic, I wish I found this a bit earlier since I just ordered an Axis mast.
It’s cool that you have so many different adapters for mounting fuselages.