New Waterproof 6384 5000W Motor for Efoil Electric Watersports


MICHOBBY: Efoil Motor 6384 140KV Fully Waterproof Brushless Motor for Electric S – MICHOBBY.COM

The Michobby page seems to include a 43usd folding prop with the motor for 202usd. Ali doesn’t.

Looks like the waterproofing process multiplies the price by 3+:

Rotor magnets with anti-oxidation and anti-rust treatment;
Stator with insulation paint;
Coil Copper wires with transparent insulating varnish;
Stainless Steel bearing.

Stainless Steel Bearing:
Because seawater is corrosive, after some time use may get rust, need to wash with
fresh water everytime after use, and keep the motor all dry, so to expand lifespan.

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Jesus, about 240$ shipped before tax.
The cheapest (most popular) 6384 run you about 60$ shipped, untreated.
I’ve treated 3 of those, 30 minutes and it’s waterproof.

Edit: actually 264$ shipped (to Israel) before tax.

6384 5000w? Seriously?

What AWG Are those phase wires? Seems pretty thin if that motor is pushing 5000W?

Wild overpromising going on here😜

The recipe for a powerful motor. We take the motor 6384, cross out 3.5 kilowatts in the characteristics, write 5 kilowatts. The new motor is ready.


Well, my cheap 6384 pulled a burst of 120A at 12s so about 4.3kw, so with the wrong propeller, 5kw is possible, yet inefficiently and unsafely.

Clearly we don’t push it that far, I just did a static thrust test at full throttle.

I reached out to them on Aliexpress to get pictures of the internals :Ad5fc1cbbd5004866817e92f2055789874

It might not be perfect (nothing is), but it’s definitely a good thing for people willing to take the shortcut.

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Did you get a picture of the rotor too? That’s more critical to waterproof.

I couldn’t get one no. Rotor is easier to waterproof as there are less elements tho. Sure it’s challenging because of the magnets themselves, but not impossible.

Looks pretty messy. At least they’ve made a better effort this time though!

Could you explain a little bit how you waterproofed the 6384. Looks like I am headed in that direction.

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