New waterproof remote to come soon

I saw some pictures of a new remote to come ffrom a german company. Currently prototype setup… But looks promising. In regards to the waterproof issues and reliabilty of the maytech remote I`m happy to see there are alternatives coming up… I was told price is targeted to be around 140€… Fair enough in my opinion


Would you have a link ?

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finally a good news, and the price quite correct, I hope that will be marketed quickly !!

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They said something about April 2020…

What’s with that remote?
Still comming=?

hello, will it really be in April? I’m really looking forward, I don’t want to buy maytech sh.t anymore.:wink:

So far, maytech V2 works great for me !

Two weeks time before April, can we know who 'they" are now ? :wink:

Due to Corona crisis, the program was stopped 2 weeks ago… Another one jumped in, hope this will work out now :wink:

When the driver is for sale, let me know right away. I need one piece as soon as possible. :wink::pray:

Hi, I just want to ask what it looks like with the sale date.:hugs:

Well there is still big impact due to Covid19… But I asked them and they told me now it will be June…I know not good news but nothing I can do at the moment

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I am very interested, do you have photos to give us desire and make us patient

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I’d like to start riding in about a month, and I don’t want to buy Maytech.:pray:
could i buy need some prototype?

A young guy in this Forum working hard for a DIY Remote, perhaps it is a alternative to those remote?


please send a link, I can’t find out.

He planned to open a thread with those Remote later.
Go in contact with him with a PN :wink:

I will Post some great things in 3 days (hopefully) I’m working 24/7 on this remote. Stay tuned


OK, I’m looking forward to it :hugs:

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hi guys, is there any news? :hugs: