New waterproof remote (Vincent's build)

Sorry. Characteristics are already fixed! May be for another version!

That’s why i suggested it in V2 :slight_smile:


Hello. I finish and order the new PCB. I have added a new possibility to put a water sensor to the receiver who can detect water intrusion in the hatch.

new dimension: 58x26x18 mm


loving it Vincent!
Keep it going !

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Vincent, is there still a remote left?
Found this site today and signed in to get one.

Of course, that’s why I asked you.
Any suggestion to handle the deal?

Vincent. Is it possible to order a 2nd receiver (when done)?
This so I do not need to swap it over from board to board.

Hi. Let me already assembled the remotes.and will check if it’s possible! Updates will come very soon :yum:

Hi Vincent.

Do you maybe have an e.t.a. for the people who ordered one from you?


Eta? What do you mean?

Estimated Time of Arrival. (When will they be ready?)

Just one piece is missing, pcb are well tested. Still in the schedule!

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sorry to keep bugging you. Do you have another update for us?

Hi everybody. Update of my new remote. The first piece is done and just need to full test it before starting the rest of the production🤞

If all goes well, delivery will be done by end of this month👍

360 view


So nice… I can not wait to try it :slight_smile:

Nice! This will be a good part of my setup!

And the charging plug


All test passed with full success. I’m building now the others remotes :+1:


Yes. One of them is for me :slight_smile:

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Ready for delivery :smiley: