New waterproof remote (Vincent's build)

Hello all

From now few months I’m using my own remote. It work so great so I want to produce a small batch of 10 unit for exemple. Before I want to know if there is some interests in this forum. features are:

  • Remote and board Batterie measurement with gauge for each
  • Temperature on board measurement with value on screen
  • Vibration in Remote when low bat
  • protection when temperature is to high
  • built-in RGB led for board status
  • Built in GPS and showing speed, top speed and total distance
  • power ajustement on remote via user menu (10% to 100%) useful for beginner
  • throttle calibration via user menu
  • batterie current measurement in board with amps.and amps hours showing on screen
  • throttle cruise control on push button
  • leash implementation on board (can be ignore with a jumper)
  • qi wireless charging
  • possibility to change language via menu
  • auto sleep mode
  • ip67
  • lineare throttle
  • and may be the most important thing, transmission is done with 433 Mhz instead of 2.4 ghz so no issue with water.

Let me know if someone is interested!




I’m interested. That is if the price is right :slight_smile:
Also. I will be using it for my jet board. I hope this will be okay with you :slight_smile:

Count me in! Looking forward for the VESC optimized upgrade when it will come! :blush:

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Interested as well !

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A bit like in a car, do you think you could implement a “step operation” feature allowing the rpm to increase by 200 rpm steps at each throttle small stroke (20%), decrease by 200rpm on a double smal stroke (2 x 20% within 1 second) and disengage on a long stroke (past 50%) keeping last previous rotation where it was ?

let us know a price. Please


and how does the onboard unit look like. very limited space in my new board.

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I’m extremely interested!

Hi. No I didn’t implement it and for safety reasons it’s hard to program it. On my.remote you have cruise control and, while cruise control ON, you can still play with throttle (like in a car)

Hello. Pcb for board is around 82mm x 33mm

Hi all. So after some internal price calculation of all the own cost, the price will be 300euro + shipping per unit (remote + board) for the 10 first units. Please confirm me in PM if you are interested.

“Design will be slightly different (no logo on the uperside).”

Thank you

Is the receiver pwm or ppm or ???

It’s a standar 1500 -》 2000 signal

So I guess that this will plug directly into an ESC?

Yes it’s works with my standard esc

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reserved i enjoy to be a betatester this is the good price for all options you create. i am used to play with arduino booksellers and lost to much times and…time is money…so i prefer to save my time🤙

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Hello all

last chance to order a remote. I will order the material for 10 units tonight and I already have 8 sold. so 2 left and are available.

Yes of course, the Receiver is inclue and ready to work with all sensor. Bellow the first version of the board:

And the remote



Looking good!
Can’t wait to get it :slight_smile:

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Final design valided! wait on the material now!


Request for V2: Remote toggle switch to turn on/off a relay on the receiver.