1st impression - Vincents Waterproof remote!

Today I received Vincents (who is a Swiss) Waterproof remote, and can finally start playing with it.
Please note that my dad (and I) payed for it (and yes. Even the import duty!)

(Fact: Switzerland is surrounded by EU country’s, but is NOT in the EU!)

The kit arrived neatly packed, and I needed a sharp knife to open the box!

After opening it, it had the remote, receiver, wrist band, amp sensor, water / flood sensor, extension cable for water / flood sensor, temperature sensor and charging station in it.

I was surprised to see the amp, water/flood and temperature sensor in the box as I though that this was an extra option! Apparently all sets come with this.

(Fact: Switzerland is the Most innovative country in the world. Netherlands (where I am) is 2nd!)

Some features.

  • The set works on 433 MHz!
  • Onboard GPS for speed, top speed and distance traveled.
  • Power adjustment on remote… 10% … 100%. Nice for a beginner like me!
  • The RGB LED on the receiver will show the status of the system by colors.
  • Cruise control.
  • Wireless (Qi) charging of the transmitter.

1st thing I noticed was the quality of the build. Okay. It’s 3D printed, but feels really solid!
It looks like Vincent found a good way of making it waterproof too. According to Vincent it is IP67!

(Fact: Switzerland Has 7000 Lakes. On one of them you can sometimes find Vincent e-foiling!)

  • The Transmitter

The transmitter has a nice rubber pad on the handgrip.
Vincents remote feels at 1st heavy (I’m used to the Maytech remote), but after playing with it a little bit more I now think that this is perfect!
The weight of the transmitter (without wrist band) is 300 grams

The screen is not too big and not too small. It is easily readable. However I did not test it in direct sun light!
All needed data is neatly shown, and with the button on the site of the transmitter simply changeable.

  • The Receiver

The receiver is nicely boxed and all connectors are easily in reach.
It can be powered by the ESC, or if the ESC does not supply 5 volt (like Flier) you can use the extra 5 volt connector for this.
One thing I miss is some text of what connector is what on the receiver however everything is well explained in the users manual.
The size of the receiver is 58 mm long by 26 mm wide by 26 mm high (top of LED)
The weight is 25 grams.

  • The Docking Station

For charging the transmitter you need the docking station.
The docking station needs to be connected to a 5 volt (phone) charger.
It is using a micro usb connector!

Some pictures of the amp and water / flood sensors.

And the wrist band

Vincents (the developer) his post about this remote can be found here:

I will update the post below when I have actually tested the unit.


This will be updated when I’ve tested the set.

Nice reports :+1:
Greetings Frank


Thank you. I am not really a good writer!

@Kian thank you for the review and I hope you will have fun on water with!

I confirm: kian didn’t had any discount and paybthe whole price for it! Thanks a lot to him!

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Your using the same current sensor as i did. Great choice


Yes it’s the smaller one I have found wuth best accuracy! The fact you took the same is reassuring!

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@Kian how goes the first tests?

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Hi Vincent,

My dad and I did change the Maytech remote setup with yours in the board some days ago and all is working fine.

Unfortunately we were not able to test it in action till now.
The weather here is so bad. Storm. 6 BF. Rain and very cold water! (I only have a shorty)

Anyway. Back to the install. At 1st we were no able to run the motors full speed, and than we noticed that the power output on remote was set to 60%
After setting this to 100% the motors did speedup all the way.

We also installed the amp sensor the wrong way and the amps shown on the display wend down. We rotated the sensor and now it it showing the amps as it should. … going up.

Waiting for better weather to do a true test!

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I wanted to add this to your thread to give another perspective. It looks like we are saying the same things about the remote!

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