Links to topics not working!

When I add a link to a topic / post it goes to the category but not to the actual post!.

Example. The link below should go to my post "1st impression - Vincents Waterproof remote! " , but will take you to the category.

Link to post “1st impression - Vincents Waterproof remote!”

Goes to:

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Thanks for letting us know. I have noticed that too and @tylerclark and I are looking into fixing that.



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ok, seems to be fixed. I removed a permanent redirect we had for all traffic that goes to the plain “” root URL going to the categoy. That affected the linked posts to for some reason. Your browsers will cache this redirect, so do a hard reload.

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Looks like it is working!!
Thank you.

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Guys, I have similar problem in private messages.
When you answering to members post in private message, when link to quoted topic not saved

Did you receive this? I cannot find the message anymore.

Yup, that link doesn’t work for me either. Browsing with Chrome on Android.

Link still appear to be broken in some situations:

Including that link up above, clicking on it just directs to