Splittable battery kit for air transport?

Travelling by plane with an efoil battery is forbidden due to the fire risk.
There is Amp Hour limit per pack per person in a plane/cabin = to be confirmed
So the idea is:
1-split the battery according to this limit, ship the small packs individually or share them between friends or family members travelling with you.
2-Reassemble the parts at destination.
3-Enjoy your efoil.
4-Unmount and ship prior to departure.

What do you think about this solution : https://www.batt-o-matic.com/

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I watched a really good video on how the photographers travel with their lighting and camera equipment.
Basically for each device, you have one battery installed and then 2 spare batteries.
Ultimately there’s no restriction on the devices so you can travel with quite a load of batteries.
I would obviously still recommend using a proper fireproof case if you want to fly with a fair amount of li-ion batteries and not simply a lipo bag which are pretty useless…

It’s not fully true - because if you read rules carefully you could find info that customs/airport security could stop you if you take a lot of devices - more than 2 notebooks, more than 1 action camera and etc. But I’m personally have no such negative experience - last time travelled with 3 action cams even it limited by law in my country.

Actually you are limited by Kw/h of your battery as said SoEFoil in first message.
And if your battery capacity less than limitation you could take few of them. This depends of country and even flight company. For example if you need transport high capacity cells for industrial drones it also regulated.

In any case it hard to make - all cells should be in storage mode, all contacts should be waterproofed.
Imagine you need transport 10kg battery - you need at least 4 friends to give all of them up to 2kg of lithium. Even I have LifePo4 battery which not so dangerous I couldn’t flight with it due restrictions.

I’m always travelling with fireproof bags and even with battery capacity calculation on paper to give it to airport security - this always save your time and saves nerves.

PS I’m already thought of some idea - we should share/create some universal connection method of battery and if we will have some Excel file with - location battery, it capacity and etc, we always could travel of all over the world and take batteries from our foil-friends who have desire to share their batteries in way like shared property in some community (I forgot the service which allows sharing property for free between members)
In this case you always will have a battery, company of hobbyist, beer and etc )
For example some DRONES hobby stores sharing for money their batteries - you could take few 6s to build required pack for you. Few years ago I have find few such stores in Europe. In our case foil/kite/supboards rent services could do this. If someone here are owner of such rentals be the first :slight_smile:

I’m wondering why nobody create BatterySharingService… if some one will create it, please send me some % of your earnings for this idea :joy:
I’m pretty sure that some rental-hubs with batteries and charges for some $ will be good idea for efoil and ebike guys in future - and it will be banger for location like Canarias Islands, Malta, Madeira and etc.
Or we should wait few years for safe batteries.

PS a lot of post companies (90%+) limiting lithium batteries in their parcels so you also will not have a chance to transport it by airplane in parcel, so for example if I’m in Europe mainland and willing to foil on Ibiza I should deliver batteries by sea :frowning:
I have ordered lithium from USA and China, and from Hobbyking (Netherlands) to Eastern Europe in the past, and wait them more than month because from USA it was delivered by the sea, and from China and Netherlands by train or car.

Because I probably wouldn’t trust half the batteries built here :rofl:

The easiest way to do the battery thing would be to rent a fliteboard battery and charger.
Well built and engineered, just connect power and go…

Yeah, but as you said it always possible to buy production units from Lift/etc but in this case it will be expensive in 5-10 times then DIY battery and your payback period will be for years.
Or… we should find some ebike stores which could product reliable custom batteries in price few times cheaper than well known brands and then share them between some watercraft services for rent. Imagine you could create some universal 24-48V battery which will fit efoils boards, ebikes, and other e-transport.

I’m dreaming for such rental service since August because I’m in love with remote areas (islands)…
I think that rent of one battery for whole day for 50$ (charger for week ~10$) and some $ for used KW per day is pretty life idea. When LTO batteries will be more widespread - they will charge for ~20 minutes.

A battery and charger set rental service in fact which must be plug and play for the customer.
For a small investor or shop that want to rent batteries of a mainstream brand (Fliteboard, LIFT, …) it is easier to organise a swap service with genuine product but not easy economically, as profitability must be achieved with 3000usd batteries + 1000usd charger ! Wouldn’t it be easier to ship by road complete Waydoo units once design and production defects have been corrected ??
For DiYers,
1-there is a connectivity standard to be implemented. Amphenol seem to be one step ahead with their availability and used by Fliteboard, eVolt (MantaFoils), …
2- a connector to adopt or adapt for external assisted cell charge, (iSDT Q8, iCharger X8, ???)

That coast for us 3000 and 1000 usd, but for them that costs a few times less so it possibly that even big players could open such services. Maybe we should propose them this idea? :grin: Let’s wrote petition :sweat_smile:

PS in my country 48v/20A+ charger (1.5 kilowatt charger) costs 35$ from DIY guys (and up to 200$ for portable version with higher amps), so I have no clue why charger should cost 1000 usd.
I will share later cheaper version when it will be in my hands

Check this stacking travel battery out. Can run multiples in series for 72 volt.


There’s no size limitation for carry on that is spare battery not connected to a device. You must notify and get consent from the airline, but I’ve heard good things about it from people that travel with big batteries consistently.

In personal experience, I’ve traveled to many countries through many airports with 8 big chunky drone batteries about the size of a drill battery. Nobody has ever questioned it. Although I can definitely see a custom made DIY battery raising some questions. This has lead me to making everything clear so that I can explain myself, but I haven’t personally tried it.

I made this battery for my bp12 kite pump when the lead acid one gave up the :ghost:. 3s4p. I used the prusa mmu to print the capacity and contents directly on the lid. Travelled in the USA and Caribbean with battery and pump in hand luggage, no issues with security.

It look like FedEx does max 5kg of li-ion batteries, so you should be able to ship your @Flightjunkie style battery in 2 shipments. If someone has actually done this, please confirm.