New Waterproof Remote with Display (FelixRemote)

Hi guys,

While corona was active i thought I could start developing a waterpoof remote. My goal was to produce a Remote which is capable working with every ESC. This works very simple. It measures Amps an Volts and sends this data to the remote. The remote sends then back the PPM signal for the ESC. Arduino boards used are 2 Esp32. An display with 128x160 resolution, which also is very fast. Wireless charging (some problems, not enough current and voltage is produced only able to charge to 4,1V)

Inital design by @Hiorth was used and modifyed a bit to make it simpler and easier to massproduce. My goal is to porduce around 10pcs. 1st is almost finished. Working on 2 more simultaneously.

About the code: Code was most of the work. Remote will get more updates in the futer, which can be uploaded via WIFI :slight_smile: If anyone wants to build it himself i can give out the code for a small donation, however I will only do that if I see that this works. If not I will sell the code. I dont want to make any big profit with this, but also dont want to be stuck at development costs. ( Im a student, no income)

Electronics are also waterproofed. So in case water should get inside you wont need to panik. Remote is tested 2m deep 1h for waterproofment bevore sale.

Safety: Important features, like Motor turnoff after connection loss is very important and included

Connection: Is made over wifi (esp now) It is very storng 100m range and very fast and responisve.

Reciver: Is currently a mess. It will get into a nice 3d printed box.

More details will be posted in the next few days. My Remote will get some more important features, bevore sale. (Display Voltage of the remote battery)

Here are the pictures i hope you will like it ( Dont be afraid by my (not) final coating. While development it got a bit abused) :

I hope you like my remote and if you are interested you can contact me. I put very very very much time building testing destrying waterproofing developing this remote.

ps: please ignore my typing issues thx



Well done @Felixfoiler! Looks really promising!

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I forgot to show the menue :rofl:

Menue contains :

Updating (OTA)

Btw the display looks so wash out, because its so bright, that my phone wont focus. Under very bright lamp looks great. ( No problem with sunlight)

The design will get much better in the next update, but now i need to focus that it works and has the important functions


Looks promising. Keep us updated!
And: is it available in Pink? :joy:

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For how much do you plan to sell the ready to use remote?

You did a good job!
I want a red one please!

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good question. I dont have a price yet. This is not a commercial product (yet) and will be handcrafted by me. So i cant produce lots of them. However what i can tell you is that I need about 10h for compleating 1remote. The parts are around 50€. You can answer it yourself, BUT i wont put a price yet. If there are 10+ buyers I will let the mainbody be produced, which will take lots of work.

Nice work. Keep us updated

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Great, I’ll buy one piece, black or yellow.:hugs:Iam happy from You.

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Congrats! There might be many looking for such remote. I hope you still find time to continue your own build!

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Sounds promising, i volunteer as a betatester :wink:

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So we are two beta testers now :slight_smile:

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I’m in, makes it three, buy now button ready

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So Update guys. I was busy with school (rescuing my grades) and now I have some time to continue. I had some water intake at first ride properly the connection between top and bottom. Nevermind I made all inner electronics waterproof and epoxyied the display and now it’s looking great. I already 3d printed 2 full pieces. I will now update more frequently.

Br your remote builder felix.


Good to hear you have the school under control, still very interested in your efforts with the remote, hope all is well

Thanks i will start building today. I will try to finish 2 in the next 2 Weeks. I have to make a manual and all the documentation. It will be a lot of work.


Remote parts assembly.


First remote gets assembled today and sent out tomorrow. Next is already in production.



Beautiful and thoughtful work. I praise you. Finally a waterproof remote control.:+1::hugs:


I’ll buy a black one or white

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