Newbee from france



Hello everybody, i’m trying to build my own Efoil.
Thank’s for all of you for this great Diy. Sorry for my basic english.
So, this is my setup:
board efly 320,
motor sss 54104 500kv (thank’s to pacificmester),
gearbox 5,23:1 chinese same diameter than sss motor,
And my 3d print for now.

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I’m waiting for gearbox and some things
To be continued…thank’s again !

Nice that you share your build.
I used an old hifly windsurf board, too. Until now because it has significantly more drag. Mine is 3,5m long and about 70cm wide and probably at least 10 years more ancient than yours. It it’s as draggy as a boat anchor and weighs ~20kg empty. This is just a reminder, it’s still cool though as you won’t get wet on such a board :smiley:

Those Multistar are nice for testing, but with 3x 4S 5.2AH in series I would not go beyond ~30A cont.
Those are labeled for 10C (52A) cont. and 20C (104A) burst, but it is like most of the china parts, divide it by 2 or 3 and you are on the safe side…
Some ppl even say to only use the Multistar with 2C…

I agree with Giga. These batteries aren’t rated to go for a lot of amps. You can get batteries with faster discharge rates or buy more batteries, which is effectively a faster discharge rate but you also have more storage.

Thank’s for the Nice message flo filip And giga !
I ask myself a question: what size do I have to cut my board? 1,50meter 1,90…Wiorth cut is own at 1,95 i know… What do you think? I weigh 76kg and measure 1,85m.

You right, i ordered 4 of 10000 6s 30C graphene for the final built, multistar is just for the test.
And what do you think about my esc hobbywing 100A 12s ?
I think about cooling, water pump or a large heatsink ? like this one

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Ça avance gentillement !


Bonjour, as tu fini ton projet ?