Newbie doing cost assessment for entry-level build

Hi folks, new to forum, really grateful for this resource.

I have two questions but welcome any advice. My goal is to build a starter rig on the cheap, if it ends up being a keeper, great. If not, it has to have good resale value so I can either recoup costs and do a better build, or I can give up and not lose too much money. I’m in Canada so there’s only 5 months out of the year to use these so I want to get started right away.

First question: has anyone used this foil assembly or can tell me if it’s garbage or not:

Alternative is to build with a Clearwater kit. I have no experience with what that entails but I’m sure I’m proficient enough to get it right the first time.

Second question is a duct/guard for the prop. The plan is for an 80100 outrunner direct drive, so having a duct fixed to the motor mount seems problematic. I’ve read posts that inexpensive props for 5hp motors work well on these motors, seems like a big money saver. I have no experience with 3D printing, wondering how much of a problem this will be. Definitely not learning to ride an efoil with an open prop.

Thanks in advance!

just bought clearwater will lyk how it goes

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