Newcomer's build [Ger] + 2nd one

Hello folks,

i have studied the forum already quite a bit and spent starring in my smartphone before sleeping for hours :slight_smile: I have already bought a couple of ingredients to bake my own efoil and thought, I should start a channel now. What is / will be my setup:

Flipsky 100kv (arrived)
GONG Surffoil L (arrived)
Board: Old Mistral(s) (already in stock)
ESC: Flipsky 200a (in transit)
Battery: same pack as Volkers build, which is 2x 6s16p with Samsung Q30

I have three tasks at the moment:

  1. Battery: this will be probably build next week on the “germany meetup” (there is a seperate channel) with help of experienced guys. Volker will bring his kweld, i will bring the beer and li-ion & co. Great support guys.

  2. Board: I am thinking about 2 seperate hatches, one with ESC and waterpump, one with all the other components. Latter ones should find place some kind of ip67 box, closed in a hatch which in best case is already watertight. So double firewall :slight_smile: . ESC and pump are per se ip67, so I do not spent another box. I will just try to get a sperate hatch with good sealing.
    For the board I have two options, recently i bought a mistral one design 372 for twenty bucks. The board is 14cm thick and i think its ab better choice than the shredder (11cm thick). Its in a bad condition, but sanding should bring back some glamour. This is acutally my first question: what sandpaper to start with? I was thinking about something like 140.

  3. Motor mast mount. There is recently lots of discussion in the forum about flipsky and maytech motor mount. I am testing some designs, still i hope some professional will share his/her ideas. I just did some tinkercad with first ideas how to mount this. 2 Systems at the moment. Still missing the wire management though. Feel free to share your thoughts. I am not good at autodesk yet, so this is tinkered.

Still need to seperate actual clamp for this design:

So that seems to be my build. Looking forward to learn from you guys.


As good as new :smile:

I think Gong Foil L might be to big, fi you want to be faster than 25km/h;-

I wish I were already at this point worring about my top speed on water :smile: nevermind, I think the gong wings are all mounted to same system, so I may just buy a smaller one if i am to bored.


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I think the Gong L is a great place to start. A big wing will be more efficient and easier to learn. I am using the Manta 76 from Ride engine and I am a lighter rider. 25 Kph is a really nice comfortable speed to foil at. A bigger wing will really keep the Amp draw down and be easier on electronics and batteries.

My advice is don’t do any work on your board until you get everything else working. Best to have a full-sized board during all testing. Use the board slow to create a mount for the foil as I did. See my build HERE.



update. Printed clamp now with PETG and 0% infill. Made some holes for epoxy infill, worked like charm:


Today I tried motor Flipsky 100kv with 200Amp Flipsky VESC, seems to spin good not stutter or other issue.

Next step would be to finish mast completely. Still I need to consider which height for clamp would be suitable since I am not sure which prop size will be best for these motors.


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Gong L is fine up to 35kmh

Milestone: check


Next updates


Next step: board cutting to fit the box. Box will be wood, 50x30x10 or something. Under evaluation…

Whats up with these Gong boards? One year ago there were only slingshot foils. Did I miss something?

The price I think and a good quality of finish also… Made in France… Made in Bretagne then maybe…:slightly_smiling_face::wink:

Not sure Manu that gong foil are made in France…

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Indeed, designed in France and sold without an intermediary

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Actually I like the gong plug and play approach. You can switch to larger or smaller foils within seconds (assuming you bought them). Even different mast length can be used, this is ofc more effort due to drilling etc pp. And yes, price is also a reason

Okok, mast mount check. Thanks for advice @Toto44. Basically two wooden plates screwed and glued together. 4 threaded sleeves (?) will then do the job for plate fixing. This is nice since you can screw / unscrew the mast quite easy. Be careful, gong mast mount has some tolerance; for me I cannot turn mount 180 degree, won’t fit anymore!

Be carefulll with the gong mast, this is not tolerance, it has a front and back profile! One of the holes is closer to the leading/trailing edge than the other. I can’t check right now which one is the front.

Oh I see. Anyway for me it does fit now. They should make the holes even…I guess a standard rail box is also linear…