Nibblers Build from Germany

No. I tested it. And there was no water inside after about hour. It has a foam sealing instead of a rubber sealing and it has a little different design. There is always an air bubble between the sealing and the top part of the hatch. But in case of a leakage there is a waterproof box inside :wink:
The only thing that im affraid of is a burning ecu becaus i went for passive cooling. But i already ordered the alien sport 2 350A esc which will be mounted under water as a stiffener for the direct drive pot with alien 56200.

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Today the weather was fine. So i decided to do the first test :wink:
I did not manage to foil more then 5 meters but i was above the water :wink:
There were no technical problems and also the passive air cooling did a good job. The Ecu stayed below 50°C.
Nowhere was water after the test. Im so absolutely happy that all the stuff did its job xD
The only thing i have to mention is that my wing is a little bit to small i think.
Now i have to practice as you can see in the videos :wink:


Great, indeed a wing a little more carrying will help you to get out of the water I think…
Did you have water in your boat deck hatch…?

Hey. Yes I had. But only a few drops. But i put some sponges into the battery room.) :wink:

has someone already tested the alien sport 2 350A
Compared to the Seaking is this thing a monster.

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Small update.
I purchased the gong foil L and it is working very good. And also it is quit fast.

I was riding at forggensee in algäu. But it turned out that e foils are nowhere allowed in Germany. So after 30 mins thee was a police helicopter hovering over me and sending me back to the shore. There were two other that wrote down my name an now I have to pay about 160 euros for 30 mins of fun. The only way to ride my foil is to get a license number. But that’s a little hard for self build things. With this number the I can ride on rivers like main.
I have talked to other administration offices for big seas and at none of them a e foil is allowed.
I am really fucked of because a big electric boat is no problem but a small foil is.
But that’s germany at its best.


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Is that true?? You have less than 4Kw power, so there should not be any lomitation at all.

I guess, Forggensee is “Naturschutzgebiet” , so all kind of motorized vehicles are forebidden

Haha o lord here was like that 3-4 y ago with kiters. We got like 3-4 legal spots on 1200(!) islands, jetskies burning fuel 20 (300m is the law) meters from shore between swimmers wasnt a problem, but a kiter half nautical mile from the shore got intercepted by 2 police boats for sailing in “forbiden open sea”. He also had to explain them his kiting licence is valid and it actually exists in the rest of the world :slight_smile: Idk how much he had to pay but it was not small amount. Welcome to Croatia :slight_smile: At least u got a chopper :smiley:

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Got chased down by the Hong Kong Marine Police last week. Fortunately they couldn’t catch me!

With this in mind I wrote to the Marine Dept. I attach their response.

hi Mike

Why did you got chased down by Police? Inside the yacht club or outside the gold coast? Any innovation technology which not approved in Law, then the police will assume it is illegal such as electrical scooter.:sweat_smile:

Hey Alan

Yeah scooter, skateboard, e bike are all illegal. Crazy really given how many cycle paths span the New Territories. The police boats are always hanging around outside the Tuen Mun typhoon shelter. This time I was outside the Marina heading back from Sam Shing. How is it in Sai Kung? I’d love to cruise around there but I remember there are always Police boats hanging around outside Hebe Haven.

Because the Marine police base is near the Hebe Haven. :laughing: I play it nearshore of Tai Mong Tsai. It still ok here.

This weekend I was on the water again and I had some problems with my Mast clamp. And I nearly lost my pod to the depth :joy:. But fortunately I added a safty screw 2 weeks ago. The whole pot was flooded and and didn’t even noticed it. There was no lack of power or other problems. I heard that some people killed their esc with that. But for me it seems all is still fine
After the disalsmbly I checked all parts. And espacialy the nema 23. As far as I can see thee were no signs of damage and use. It looked like it has on the first day. I think in total I used it for about 10h.
I also did some measurements while I was on the water last time.
Max amps was 65 while starting with full throttle and about 30 to 35 amps at full speed. I think it was about 20kmh but I did not measure it.
Minimal foiling amps were about 20.
It seems that the gong foil is efficient.


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Hi, I am also intrested in the nema gearbox, what size needle bearings did you use?

I used this bearings: HK0609

Which Nema 23 gearbox did you use?

This 5:1


I have tried to use the Alien sport 2 350A but it did not last long. It died after a few months. Not sure why, maybe poor quality.

Most of my Alien hardware do not last.

Ohh OK. Thats not good to hear. At the moment I won’t use it anyway. The seaking is performing very well because if have max 65 amps at starting. And 20 to 30 maps while foiling.
Thank you for the information.

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