Night Fly in Cologne

Greeting Frank


I like it and I am a fan from your lawn mower engine :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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We are flying for the 6th day in a row. The lawnmower just keeps going. :rofl: :rofl:

Greetings Frank

Beautiful! I Can’t wait for sunset Cruise with my little baby. But before it need to run at daytime.

Efoill sunset is best , if you don’t the sun in your eyes, in summe time otherwise got cut by night too fast …

Gong pro wing ? …

No, is a frontwing from Bic the Rest is caprinha

Best regards Frank

No pro, regular Gong

Now I want to add some lights. What lights did you use?

LED Strips from Ebay, 3s 800mAh Lipo.
The Strips are 1,5mm thickness and 200mm long.
Greetings Frank

You can go for 5v LED strip, if you want rgb with Bluetooth connection. Cheap as nuts. Then you can use your esc 5v power out. So if esc is powered, strip will shine. This is what I did. Be careful to stay in the limits for esc power out. My strip needs around 560mA which is fine (esc handle 1,5A)

It is not a good thing to use the ESC supply!
A short circuit on the LED also paralyzes the ESC.

That was a nice intention to use an independent power supply. My strips only need 50mAh.
Greetings Frank

You could use the Maytech receiver to power the lights. Then you could turn them on and off with the button on the remote.


It’s run OK so, I will not more build at the light. :blush:
Easy Technik goes not out of order :hugs:

Good advice! I will add a small fuse

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That remote doe come with 2 switches. So far I am not using either of them.