Noob Build from Germany (Jetsurf)

Hello from Germany,

my name is Dominik, 30 years old and im currently planing to build a Jetsurf, because i think a eFoil is a harder task for the beginning.

Unfortunately i am not that professional like many others here in this board.

Maybe u can tell me if my plan is going to work…

-Selfmade cutted down board
-2x 3d printed Waterjet
powered by 2x56104 500kv motor

-with 2x 200a ESC

-and 6s lipo 22.2v battery? (dunno which one to take.)

Im a heavy guy with 90kg so i think i need 2 motors?

What do you think, will it work or what kind of modifications do i need?

Best regards



Hi, as someone who built a Jetboard with two jet drives, it doesn’t worth it really, jets are so inefficient and for 90kg you’ll need at least 9kw continuous for fun speed, I also have a Kymera “bodyboard” that does 26km/h at 5kw with 70kg rider, speed or power consumption is not linear in this case, and 90kg guys hardly hit 17km/h.
My DIY board was far from being perfect, with two 56104 at 8.6kw (4.3kw per motor) I only got 22km/h, these inrunners lack in torque and pull high Amps.
It’s just a recipe for high cost disappointment, but don’t let anyone stop you if you’re so eager to give it a try, however my advice to you is, go for e-foil.



I have done the same project as you are contemplating and i have started testing it but not at full speed yet, because the lid of the 3dprinted box was not completely waterproof.
But essentially the same setup but with 2 x 400a ESC controller:

2 x 420kv engine:

2 x Turbines:

2 x batteries:

So far i’m only running 22 volt, but that could easily be changed to 44 volt by connecting the batteries in series.

The biggest disappointment so far has been 3dprinting the box, everything has to be glassfiber coated anyways and it is really annoying that you can only print very small pieces and then glue them together.
If i could do it over i would have gone with a waterproof box like the rifle box build, and since i insert the box into an hollowed out windsurfboard then i could just have cut the box as needed.

Here is our first test run from a couple of days ago with my son, it was a slow test because the lid wasn’t completely waterproof, but the rest is:



Any update on your build ? I’m interested in doing something like that this summer.

Thank you.

Make sure that you buy big engines, i have had to switch to 80100 outrunner engines because i burned the smaller ones.
Will soon be testing them.