Northern Germany build


I finally start building my own efoil.
Basically try to be as close to pacificmeister’s build as possible to prevent some unnecessary beginner mistakes to get hopefully started in a month :slight_smile:
2x 6s 10000 mAh battery from Hobbyking (will switch to 18650 after the initial testing I think)
sss 56104 500 kV (maybe 56114 360 kV)
Neugart 5:1 (maybe 4:1) still need to have the flange modified by Neugart
YEP HV 180A Marine

Does anyone else use the YEP controller yet?

I have used the YEP120A with modified heatsink. I know of 2 others on here using the YEP120A as well. It all comes down to good soldering connections, water-cooling (maybe adding a better heatsink) and keeping the ESC as close to the batteries as possible.