Now I can charge

To be able to charge my 12s15p in a good time I bought 2 ISDT 8 chargers. I run these on a selfmade powersupply. Now I can charge my battery 2x6s with 30A.
The powersupply is made of 3 Serversupplies each delivering 12v 62A max.

Additionally I added a regulated output.


Good charger I use the isdt6 , but there is max amp input … so in order to increase power at some point you needto increase voltage input , better with isdt8 , but I found that the balancing is not that perfect , I need to let rest the battery and start again charging with less amp some time to time

I am very jealous of your power supply … I was looking in to hacking a used hp psu ( 1000w on 240v)…

I am really happy with this powersupply. It is easy to make and cheap. I used 3 of this one.
They are connected in serial. You only need to remove the earth on 2 of them.

A really cool powersupply Toto. I am wandering, I see 3 cables going into the supply. Are these the 3 power cables of the 3 server units? And does this mean you have to plug them into 3 power sockets, or did you combine this into 1 as well??

InLine 16657G Netz-Y-Kabel, 1x Schutzkontaktstecker auf 3X Kaltgerätestecker, 1m schwarz

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Yes earth off on two and which pins did you shunt ? Do you use a resistor ?

I followed this.

Worked perfect. I did not use a resistor, just a bridge

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