Nozzle / Stator / Impeller CAD?


I’m looking for something I suspect may be unobtanium, but can anyone direct me to good resources on design for small jet drives? There are several manufacturers making these things for RC boats and motorized boards of various types, but in terms of a simplified understanding of the engineering / design that would allow one to put together a model of a reasonably efficient nozzle / stator / impeller combo I haven’t found boo.

I have the tooling and the software to make the parts myself. What I don’t have is a design for what to make. (Something comparable to the MHZ Hydrofoil Set


Maybe my design helps a little?

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That is awesome to see it working now! Congrats

Oh awesome! Thanks.

I don’t suppose you modeled those in Sollidworks and would be willing to share the source files by any chance???