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I’m seeking assistance with restoring my old Efoil that has been stored in a garage for an extended period, and was exposed to some water. During my repair attempts, I found that the Battery and Controller are operational, and the motor reacts (producing a beeping noise) when connected to the battery. However, despite these positive signs, it appears that the motor isn’t receiving signals from the controller when everything is connected.

To troubleshoot, I opened the box visible in the attached picture, suspecting it to be the Bluetooth receiver or ESC. Inside, I found dusty and malfunctioning cables. I’m uncertain if this component is solely a Bluetooth receiver, as I haven’t located the ESC yet. Determining this is challenging since the entire PCB is encased in a black box filled with epoxy.

I’ve already reached out to the supplier without receiving a response (2022). Could someone help me identify whether this is solely a Bluetooth receiver? If so, I would appreciate suggestions on what to purchase and test.

Esc is in the top of the mast:
The small box is likely the main receiver for the remote, not just a bluetooth:

The thin wire extending from it is either an antenna or an antenna extension cable. Does it have only one wire? (it’s the antenna) Or several wires? (it’s an extender)
The pics are not good, is the thin wire broken off in the end or does it end cleanly or with a connector like these? Please post a pic of what’s inside the (receiver) box to clarify what it is.

There might be a piece missing in the end of it. There’s a tube guide in the front of the compartment on the pic where the thin wire was originally routed:
If anything is missing then that’s where it is likely to be.

You have high enough voltage to avoid undervoltage protection which otherwise is the most probable error on a board that hasn’t been used for a while. The second most likely is bms shutdown due to unbalanced cell voltages, that could still be the case for you if the bms leaks enough voltage to allow the esc to turn on. You could try to connect another voltage source to the esc to rule this out, between 43V and 50V will work or try the battery with a load like 4 pcs of 12V light bulbs in series. If it’s functional then there will be light :smile:

I guess your issue is that the remote signal is not received ok, or the remote is simply locked. Was battery sitting on top of the thin wire? It might be worth checking for damages.

there’s indicator symbols on the remote screen that would prove both these issues. I’d also guess it’s an old maytech remote so you could probably get some info what to look for from a maytech remote user (i never tried one)

Is this the company: G-foil | О компании ?

Judging by their product selection on the site they are a reseller of some chinese efoil brand, it’s likely not their design so they might not know how to help you…

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Hi Lars,

I’ll make better images next week, but for now, here are some more from my phone.

I attempted to weld the wires, but they proved challenging because they were powdery . The antenna’s end resembles a UFL, though I’m not entirely certain.

I’ll provide more information soon. Unfortunately, my curiosity led me to break the entire receiver while exploring the epoxy contents. That’s why I’m considering purchasing a new one, currently looking at this option:

Thanks for your quick awnser!

Receiver (the yellow block is the relais) and display on transmitter look like a Maytech to me.

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Replacing the remote with a new one entirely is a gamble. Better upload some pics of your remote and all the settings screens first so people can help identify it. Especially interesting is if you can find the hardware and software versions somewhere in the menus.

If it’s an older version you might need to match it to what you’ve got.

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Okay, I’ll share it next week! Wishing you already an Happy New Year!!:grin:

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Alright, I somehow misplaced the broken Bluetooth receiver, probably during our move – it might have been accidentally thrown away. On the bright side, I did find the two controllers, and I’ve included pictures for you. The person who gave me this eFoil assured me that both controllers were functioning properly, despite being different versions: 1.03 and 1.04. I’m not sure if that could be a potential problem.

Sadly, I’m unable to test them, but it appears that all the functions of the controllers are operational.

It looks like a diy remote of some sort (or is it just the shell that is custom…)

What’s inside the shell, is it a maytech remote if you compare with one? If it is then things will be a lot simpler. There are some threads on the maytech remotes on this site for you.

here is a link for a user guide:

Might be good to see if you can identify the ESC also and see what it is, a VESC or something else.

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It is a custom 3D printed controller Shell.

But It looks like I have the same problem with the Bluetooth receiver that was covered in epoxy….

That’s a maytech remote inside a custom housing. Looks like the housing has been done nicely. You’ll need to add some waterproofing on the screen before you use it in the water though. That’s a 2.4ghz receiver but the antenna looks like it’s incorrectly cut which will cause issues. The alternative would be to buy a new maytech receiver.

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