Old kitesurf board / wakeboard + bed base slats + G10 = efoil board?

The idea is to pump with the legs to go out of the water, then start the engine to minimize power needs. Some sort of supfoil for downwind with e-power when needed.

For lower energy needs, we therefore purchased the largest foil on the market, allowing to fly at 3-4 mph. Yes, that’s pretty slow !

We are trying to build a board with the following DIY hardware :slight_smile:

  • purchase an old - very old - kitesurf / wake board for peanuts (10 bucks)
  • found a slated bed base, of which I extracted the slats (free)
  • some Styrodur (about 20 bucks per sqm, 10cm thick)

Idea is to use some bed base slats from a bed base we found in the city bin, and glue / screw those slats as two parallel hardening rails (4 layers on each rail) on each side of the board. Then it becomes solid as a rock for less than 5 kg.

Then we add a full 30 cm layer of polystyren foam ( styrodur ) below the board and between the rails to give it about 80 liters of volume in order to almost float

Then we insert a small plate of G10 between the foil plate and the board, to prevent the foil metal plate borders to crush the board

The XXL (one meter large !) huge wing is a little bit buoyant.

Then we do not even glass it, but simply put 2 layers of epoxy around the whole thing to protect the wood and the foam from the water…

The only big deal is that the fitesurf board is not super large (35 cm) while I’d love to have twice as much…

What do you think ? Do you have any kind of polystyren in mind waterproof enough but accepting epoxy ?

Wide is nice for stability when you are trying to learn , after with speed the foil gives a nice stability as well but you need some agility … If you don’t glass with fiber i am afraid that everything will fall apart when you hit the water, crashes can be pretty "hard "on water …

You are right. But that 1m-wide foil is so incredibly large, I am betting for inherent super stability …