Omega build Fliteboard style from Italy

Good evening everyone
after my second build with which I spent this summer I decide to get back into the game and create my definitive board. the old board had some problems including very high weight. I started this third build with the idea of ​​having a much lighter board and smaller than the old one so I got involved and started over. I have to be honest in saying that I have always loved the style of Fliteboard. Their boards look wonderful and I am almost convinced that they are unrivaled on the market. Starting from this assumption I decided to copy their style … I know that maybe many of you will not like this because a build is personal and you must always try to give a personality but after two efoil boards I decided that I had to base myself on something which I really liked. For the foil it was easy since I’m a welder, roughly replicating Flite’s design by adapting my little outrunner to the fuselage, nothing complicated. For the table I printed some drawings and I started freehand to give a shape as similar as possible to Flite. Result? the board is light as a feather, the final size is 150cmx67cmx14cm. I am very happy to have made it and I think it will be the build that I will keep over time as the main table.
my electronic setup remains unchanged since after a year and a half of use I have never had any kind of problem.

ESC: flydragon 150ah with heatsink modification (I installed a water heatsink with immersion pump directly at the end of the shaft.
MOTOR: Outrunner 6384 120kv epoxidized and with bearings resistant to sea water
REMOTE: A simple skateboard remote in a waterproof bag has always done the job!
BATTERY: I have always run on 12s12p 18650 LGHG2 but this year I think I will run on 13s11p.
Volt meter and Amp meter
FRONT WING: 1200cm2 printed in 3d and coated with fiberglass and resin.
STABILIZER: same thing as the front wing
I’ve never had any kind of problem with any component and I’ve always been running for at least 40min.
FOIL: self-made in reinforced aluminum height 80cm
take-off speed around 14km / h
maximum speed reached with the old board 24km / h
I hope with this much lighter board and with 13s to get to a higher speed.
I leave you the photos and I wish you a good evening and a good construction to all.


Bravo Antonio,

I admire your progress. With every project you have better and more beautiful products. Your philosophy of low cost solutions is great! Because of this, you can focus more on flying on water. I support your solutions.

After a while you will be hooked and you will start to produce eFoiles commercially.

Good job.

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well done ! did you shape it yourself?!

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yes I did it freehand!

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Thank you so much jasmin!!