One of my rails is coming out

I have a fanatic board. Recently realized the front rail seems to be coming off the. The back is fine. Here some pics. What would be the best way to go about it?
I contacted few shops they said they will charge anywhere between $175-$300 but don’t have a car to take it!

I checked few videos and it seems is the track only coming off. My question is:

I take the whole thing off rebounded and put fiber glass and coat of epoxy - or drill around the area coming off inject some epoxy. Small patch of fiber glass and epoxy on top?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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The cracks will have let salt water in so the chances of doing a succesful small repair and get a good bond are slim.

Pull rail out, clean it with water and detergent, allow to completely dry, then clean with solvent (which one depends on material type). Sand away old glue and loose bits.

Clean board, sand to clean fresh material, both in hole and on the top of the board leaving a rough clean finish. Check that it’s completely dry before moving on as epoxy strength is highly affected by moisture during cure.

Mask hole in rail and the areas around your repair.

Mix a slurry of epoxy and silica powder, coat/fill hole and rail with slurry and push in rail again, wipe off excess. cover with 2-3 layers of glass fibre cloth and epoxy.
Put some pressure on it so that it sits right, leave to cure.

Sand repair and cloth edges to perfection (while leaving strength by glass fibre layers intact) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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It is difficult to comment on a solution based on the amount of detail you have provided, more photos, model of board etc would help

Having said that it looks like the box is starting to tear out of the board so the first thing I would suggest is to stop using the board until it’s repaired as continuing to use it will result in water getting inside at the least if that hasn’t happening already. Repairs like this usually require removing the box and getting the inside of the board dry

You should also determine why the box is tearing out. If it’s caused by too much load then it would happen again after the repair. Most foil boards use a double track with strong attachment to the deck of the board to prevent tear outs like this. If the original board design was for a relatively small windsurf fin the load of a foil can cause damage like this.

Thanks for all the info.

  1. I wanted to put more pictures but because I am a new member I can only add one.
  2. Yes, I stopped using it as soon as I realized it was coming off.
  3. It is a Skywing Fanatic Board.
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This is the pic of the board - it is certainly one of the rails coming off, not the box

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This is what I found about your board

@Larsb has provided very good how to so you can determine if you want to handle the repair yourself or pay someone now that you have a better understanding of what you are asking them to do.

It seems odd that one of the US “box” or rail if you prefer would tear out like that in a board designed for foiling. Maybe your front wing hit something while turning and twisted the rig enough to cause it to pop. I would suggest you have a really close look at the other rail as it may be compromised as well.

Keep us posted on your progress😀

I don’t remember hitting anything hard. I am very mindful of the stupid wing :joy:- I think I might not have tighten one of the screws enough and being loose torch the rail out. I checked all other corners and don’t show any sign of being tear.

Will post when I get it fix !!! Thanks all :pray:t4: Few dry days to come for me

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