One way to waterproof the Maytech remote

Here is how I waterproofed my Maytech remote. Fully waterproof and floats!


That is very original. Would you have pictures of the assembly steps ?

I don’t. It is a cylinder with a top and bottom cap. The top has 2 sleeves, each with a piston with an embeded magnet. One sleeve has a tension spring in the bottom for the throttle, the other has a spring for the brake function (this is on the far side of the throttle lever and hard to see in the pictures). The PCB boards with the hall effect sensors are mounted against these sleeves. LCD screen is potted into the cylinder, battery and RF charge ring in the bottom, the tactile switch is clipped off and replaced with a switch mounted in the top, potted in place and covered with the origional rubber button from the controller housing. This switch is attached to the PBC board via wires to the holes where the other switch was removed. All in ASA and smoothed for waterproofing.

Awesome design!!! Would you be able to post the 3d files to thingyverse?

In addition to the technical achievement that should inspire more than one, it is an artistic/aesthetic performance. I would not dare going through airport boarding gates with it though :upside_down_face:

1-Would you unmount it for us if that is possible and show us the above details you mention ?
2-Do you have the same trigger throw as the original Maytech ?
3-Would it be possible to create the same product in a hand-sized plastic bottle with only one screw cap on the top ?
4-In a straight 40mm PVC pipe with a a top and bottom standard screw cap costing 1 USD/EUR each or in a female 45 degree PVC bend for a better screen readability ?


I can’t easily take the unit apart. I suppose you could put it in a pipe or bottle, although the purpose would be beyond me. If I was trying to save money I would just pot the crap out of the exsisting controller. Having the hall sensors on the inside and the magnets on the outside so the electronics compartment can be fully water tight is a simple concept and could be adapted to many designs.

What a great idea! I have had it on my to do list for months now that I will remake the maytech remote housing. I intended on making it same shape as original but slightly larger with an O ring seal. Similar to an underwater camera housing enclosure. And then somehow have the magnet energy pass through the enclosure for the throttle. It seems you have done that. I wish you would share details and save me likely 100 hours of work. :joy:

It is on thingiverse now.


Thank you : Maytech remote mod, grenade by NDH21 - Thingiverse


I really appreciate you posting the models on thingVerse. I printed all the parts however this build is really not intuitive at all. The brief description on thingVerse seems to be vague. Can you perhaps post a video on how this thing works and how it should be built? As of right now, it feels like I have a bunch of random parts on my desk with little insight on how they go together.

I totally feel like the guys with blocks in this scene from Idiocracy. LOL

How is it working out for reliability and usability?