"Open Face" Copper / Nickel Sandwich Battery Connections

This is a different variation on the copper/nickel sandwich, where the objective is to use nickel as a means to weld copper battery connections to facilitate higher loads.

I’ve been able to get good welds by using a circular punch on 2P .2mm copper strips sitting under 2P .2mm nickel strips. The circular punch allows direct contact between the nickel and battery terminal and once welded seems to provide a good amount of surface contact between the two metals.

Any reason this would be a bad idea?

I initially came up with this idea after incorrectly thinking .2mm nickel wouldn’t stand up to 100amps, having seen the nickel strip calculator that appears to not actually be the case.

Regardless, this seems to be a potentially novel way to get higher load connections.

I really don’t see the point of this. I have 0.2mm a 40mm nickel that can run up to 140A burst and 120A continuous. Simple and efficient. If all the commercial efoil batteries are using 0.2mm nickel I really don’t see a reason to complicate things.

Similar to this, used by a few battery makers now.

Copper-nickel sandwich on efoils isn’t needed anyway so i don’t see the value really. If i wanted that i’d rather go for the professionally welded bus plates like previous post :+1: