Options for attaching propeller to outrunner

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I’m almost ready with a 3D printed mast clamp for the F5085 motor, now trying to understand how to best attach a propeller to this outrunner. Here’s the motor schematic. I’m estimating something like 13" pitch, 8" diameter, 3 blade design would make sense (based on looking at the torqeedo lineup and some of what folks on this forum have posted). I’m trying to plane, not foil, and the motor is 650W.

I’ve only seen one prop on this forum that is designed for mounting on 4 holes, most stuff online seems to be designed for a shaft.

Another alternative is to print or buy an adapter that can go from the 35mm ring of M4 screws into a round, threaded, or perhaps even splined shaft. The adapter would look something like this (4 holes to shaft), but I’m not sure about the dimensions.

I have access to a 3D printer so am considering doing something custom. Given that it’s an outrunner, has anyone tried building a prop that slides of the whole rotating section in a way that adds minimum length to the shaft? Could have a pretty tight construction with blades aligned to the midline of the motor, but I’m not sure about keeping the blades securely attached, and haven’t seen designs like this.

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