Orders from china ( Maytech)

Has anyone had any problems ordering from China with this current Corona problem.
I am Based in Thailand

Believe it or not, but I got it within 2 days!
I ordered on monday and received the remote on wednesday evening. I live in the netherlands :smiley:
Thanks @Eileen

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Same to me to Germany.

Ordered many times since corona virus and have had no problem so far. I think you’ll be fine as long as there is no lock down from your country

Got your own airplane :wink:

I ordered an ESC from flipsky last Thursday. They assured me that there will be no delays. DHL express still only show a status of shipping information received.

I got a package from Hong Kong today with Dhl express. Should be no problem :wink:

Well it turned up today as promised , all looking good very happy, Thank you Eileen !

I’ve been struggling with APC on getting an order I placed at the beginning of Jan. This is crazy…

I’m waiting for my DHL Express Order to Germany, shipped on thursday, should be here on monday. One question for you all: Was the declared value on the package the real value or not? I’m just asking, because then I should be home to pay the postman.