Other kind of approach from Bruce Creations

Hey guys!
Have you seen this concept? EFOIL+Esurf convertible board!

Very different approach from normal efoil concept. Regarding riding the beast, the video shows very little, but i am curious on the performance!
Let’s see what future will bring us!


I love his work !

He is using MHZ jet unit (I would say 80 mm) along with MGM compro ESC & Scorpion 7455 motor.

What a beast…

Awesome skills !

Those are some serious carbon fiber layup skills! And there are a ton of good ideas in there too! Pretty confused how that jet is providing propulsion once he’s out of the water though and it’s just sucking air …

You mean out of the water if you jump? or when the board is out of the water?
The water inlet is between the front wings, water travels inside the mast and is accelerated in the jet unit located inside the board.

What is the power needed to het on the foil ? And the power needed on the foil ?

I gues it uses a lot of power compared to a prop drive but the design and work his beautifull! He is using a very big battery as you can see in the video.

Ah, I saw that part of the mast, but didn’t know what it was for. I wonder if that inlet is big enough though to get that much water up to the jet? Not to mention the jet is much more likely to suck air through the giant hole on the bottom of the board than sucking water all the way up through the mast. Interesting design. It’ll be interesting to see the next installment because this one only shows a brief photo of him up on the foil… I think he would need a larger inlet and would need to have some way to seal off the bottom inlet as well

In the video you can see him riding for one or two seconds. I guess there is no other inlet besides the one in between the wings…the other board inlets you see in the video are there when he uses the board as a e-surfboard.

Newtons Law of Force applies here.

Q: Whats the jet outlet pushing against , when in the air?

Nice board for trials. Very Stylin.
Maybe good for e-surf only for now and needs rethinking on the e-foil aspect.

Perhaps have the jet diverted back down to a lower part of the mast.

pls see the answer to [RedRackham]

It doesn’t matter if the water is pushing against something. See it like a rocket in space. When you accelarate something in one direction you wil accelarate in the other direction. Force = mass x accelaration.

Like a water rocket, just with endless water supply…

Lol… nice try but water bottle rocket has stored energy. It would be great if that jet pump could somehow match the power ratio of that water bottle rocket.

Oh and in space , I havent been there, but I heard it has very little resistance.

On the video I only witnesed a second of air time on the foil, maybe to see more I could be swayed into the theory.

I have primitive beliefs I appologize if I need to be corrected. I got room for improvements

Following this guy but I missed this build , awesome skills and nice ideas , for foiling I guess we will see next video
The board idea is great and it must be very light :heart_eyes:

Great carbon fibre work… :cowboy_hat_face:
But I thin it will only be able to foil for short periods and with hell of power consumption :sweat_smile:

Excellent stuff!
Keep on

Excellent carbon work, hats off!

The drive noise though… wouldn’t be able to stand it. Just like any jet drive.