Outboard motor using freechobby 66160

Hi there! I have a little bit of a different project… but it uses a very similar motor to what is used here so i’m really hopeful i might get a few questions asked if thats ok!

Its an outboard project that i am hoping to get a very small air keel inflatable dinghy on the plane. I have twin 66160 motors, a 100Ah 36v pack, and a fvesc 200a continuous dual controller.

does anyone have experience with these motors and their amp ratings? going through the motor wizard recommends 48amps - that seems a little low for a supposed 6kw motor unless they are a bit naff… which they might be!

I read about filling the motors with oil to prevent water ingress, is this a thing? if so i’m happy to try as a previous one got filled with water and that didn’t last long.

anyway here’s a video of a very green tank test, and apologies for any profanities, they have some grunt! Test Tank 02/10/2022 - YouTube

You can pust this motor up to 120A.
It is rated for 200, but i think that is to much and overrated.

I finally got my money back for my 66160 motor through a paypal claim. If you search for the 66160 thread here you’ll find the background

The bottom line is that the performance charts for the 66160 motor on the freerchobby site are falsified;

  • this motor will not deliver the stated power
  • Freerchobby is a company to be avoided since they sell faulty products, then try every means to avoid warranty.

Products can have quality issues sometimes, especially at a lower price point but selling substandard parts, avoiding responsibility and falsifying data is not acceptable - don’t give them your business.

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Not sure what plane you are planning to get this on, but the battery is a definite no no for a commercial airline!