Overcharged 18650

Did that not on that I wanted to try but my opus charger did it for me over night

My old 18650 30q which still have a good IR ( 80-100 l’ohmmètre) and 150-200cycles I keep them to vape …

So yesterday I end up with 3 cells over 4,5v , not dommage sign , good IR , no vent

So I used them , and they surprised me : no heat and lasted far longer than usual , no numbers but twice longer (at 5A discharge rate )

Anyone has experiment that ? Not that we should do that but …

When charged up that high the cells are potentially unstable. They might look great until one cell suddenly explodes during charging or use.

I don’t know about all 18650, but most trouble I had with my cells end up with degas through vent cap and heat up a lot , never had fire , but most of the time it was 2-3 cells a the time and I was « taking care of it »

I pull on this overcharged cells all day , never heated ( and it usually does) , just wondering about the real limit ( safe , monitory heat and IR…)

Most of my worry is caring around a fully charged pack before using it specially in my car on sunny day ,on water and after it is not the same

So today again my charger overcharged the 30q ( for vaping) so I run the capacity test

Test run to 3v / cell

Time for a better charger!