Parametric Propeller printing for first time

I need help printing Parametric Propeller V3.

Please any one with the same experience and how to resoled it? I have seen it somewhere, some time ago, some one has the very same problem with the orange prop print, but just can’t seem to find it.

Ps. The small owe comes with the machine print out fine.

Printer ANYCUBIC Mega-S

Print head temp: 200c
Bed temp: 70c
Filament: PLA
Slicer: Cura V. 4.6

I turn it off after seeing spaghetti instead of the familiar blades.


Have you tried a different slicer like Simplify3d? I find it’s perfect 100% of the time. Other slicers make weird decisions. Those support structures look really weird to me.

Thanks Tyler…

I went directly to Cura site and download the latest slicer without using the free came with the machine, let me try the slicer came with the machine first. Next would be Simplify3d…

What is your layer height and PLA should be rather at least 110 celsius…

Printing at 60°C bed and 200°C extruder temperature (PLA). Never had a failed print…

Seems like wrong slicer parameters to me

It seems it is not touching the table, you print in air… Support is missing under the start of the blades… And it seems it is upside down…

First thing wrong bad Slicer, will do what you and Tyler advice with the Simplify3d.

Yep Tiger, it does seem like that… thanks

i would lower the bed temperature to 60 °C and use a brim instead a skirt because
the surface on which the propeller blade rests is too small for good adhesion.

Maybe your bed is not levelled properly and the distance between nozzle and printing bed is still too far. And maybe missing support under the propeller blade.

Thanks Savoie,

will look into that…

At the beginning of the prop’s leaf root, Cura makes no support because it is not necessary there.
I press almost all props without support.
Best regards Frank

Thanks Jet…

I am testing it out with Simplify3D to see if it better…

Fresh off the bakery!

Simplify3D is amazing. Install, convert to gCode. Leave it over night and back in the morning. This is what i got…

Thanks for all your help.

Simply amazing! worth the $150 extra


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Hi @justinlinh I may be having the same problem when printing the prop with cura. It seems like it is very messy. I dont have any supports under prop blades, what do you think i need to do to fix?