Part for sale (Motor, PLE40, ESC, UBEC, Radio) Canada

Finally admitted to my self I’m not going to finish my efoil build so I’ve decided to sell off some parts.

I’m located in Canada and would prefer to keep them within the country so ease of shipping. PM for prices.

-SSS 56104 500kv motor
-Hobbywing Seaking 130a
-8a UBEC
-FlySky FS-GT2B and receiver
-Used Neugart PLE40


Hello! Can you tell me the prices? Thank you

SSS -$180 (130usd)
ESC - $180 (130usd)
UBEC - $25 (18usd)
Radio - $55 (40usd)
PLE40 - $240 (175usd)

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I sent you a pm, thank you

I think I sent you a reply. :slight_smile:

Hi Man,

I don’t know how to DM on this forum yet, but I’m interested by ur offer.

Could you send me one ?

Cheers from France

Sent you a DM, which parts are you interested in