[Parts for sale] lack of time and moving countries

hey guys sometime ago i started building a efoil, i am gonna move countries and can not take this project with me sadly. here some part for sale, everything needs to be gone in about 2 months open for offers

2 X 8S10P vtc6
i have 2 of these 8s10p 30ah bricks. made from sony vtc6 cells, 7mm 0,15mm nickel 3 layers per series connection good for 300A draw. new battery 3 test cycles
Price: €400 a piece

4 X 6S8P 35E
i have 4 of these 6s8p 27.4ah bricks. made from samsung 35E cells. theze packs are good for 64A draw and 100A peak draw. next to new about 10 cycles
Price: €200 a piece

flier 400a 16s ESC
brand new with usb programer
Price: €185

V1 foil build by rene
3 10 awg cables run in the mast and a 6mm water hose
Price: €325

Will add some more parts later, feel free to ask for more info
shipping will be from the netherlands batteries cannot be shipt over sea

I think you mean Samsung 35e 3450mAh -8A for the four packs of shrink wrapped batteries?

I have sent you a few emails with no response. Are these parts still available? Im interested in the Sony battery packs? @Buildshit_gijs