Passive Cooling with lengthy heat pipe

I’m starting right now on the world of efoils, and I’m looking at all the hoops people are jumping for cooling the ESC.

I’m thinking that using one or two heat pipes (like this that’s 50cm you could use your metal mast as a heatsink (provided that you got a good contact to enable the thermal transfer between the heat pipe and the mast).

You could possibly use the cold end of the heat pipe as an appendage getting out of the rear of the mast (with a good seal ofc) too.

Within metal boxes that dissipate a little of the heat, with this heat pipes, you could possibly enable an easier way passive cool everything.

I don’t know how much it’s the usual height between the board and the water, but 500mm seems like a start… you could connect more than one heat pipe to enable this alternative to longer masts… with good thermal pastes, I think it’s viable, but I’d like your opinion.

I think this has mostly been solved -

  1. Forced cooling with a pump
  2. Natural Cooling - using the forward momentum of the efoil to push water up a tube - usually achieved by a tube mounted in the nose of the front mast clamp
  3. Guys are putting the ESC attached to the top of the foil in aluminum housing and using an aluminum foil as a heat sink

Nothing wrong with your idea though I’d still prefer option 2/3 combined.

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