Pegasus (New efoil company)

Has anyone seen this board? Definitely looks interesting. Would love to get more information on pricing and when it will be available. Does anyone have any info?

Looks pretty. I like the modularness of it.

Weird. Watch the video and note the hatch opens on the bottom of the board. :thinking:

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Yeah that part I found super weird

It seems actually a very smart solution… The isolation is easier to make, and since board will not dive too much, there is probably not big pressure for water to get in… better cooling for sure too… It’s just a huge risk if hatch opens and you don’t realize it opened…

i Only see disadvantages

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I am still working on my new board , i like the slide in from the rear concept , but the all thing , top and bottom of the board would be fixed

All that “modular click design” makes me suspcious. It looks rather flimsy to me and stainless steel bolts dont take that to long to fasten. You would want the construction to be really rigid at all times for a good experience.

Looks like they’ve decided on a price: $7,500

Pre-orders “coming soon”. Still no word on when they will ship. Can’t find many detailed specs either.

I wonder if they’ll be able to produce enough to force lower prices from other premade manufacturers.

Interesting strategy, Pegasus and their efoil help 7M Engineering, their parent company based in Singapore, promoting an hitech and greener image: a bit like Audi somehow.

Our team is comprised of engineers and designers from all over the world who have gathered with the objective of creating the best eFoilboard. The Pegasus was born in Singapore but houses cutting edge technology developed in Korea

Looks nice, a bit like a copy of fliteboard. A bit cheaper but still above 8000€ till it is in europe… company is based in singapore but the production is in china. So let`s see if quality is as shown on their virtual 3D drawings…:wink:

The remote Ctrl: the Korean designed electronics is cleaner than the LIFT one.

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Wonder if they’ll ship to the US, still no pre-order page.

I like the paint job, @NJfoiler, where in NJ are you, I’m 20min from Belmar.

It’s now up for preorder


Interesting that they price it in USD but said in a comment they won’t be shipping to the United States (yet).

@Halifax21 I live near Philly but go down to Avalon on the weekends. There’s a company that rents Lift eFoils in Ocean City but I’m not sure it’s worth the $350 they charge…

Not so exciting IMHO:
Question? how do you charge the remote control ?
Pegasus: It charges through its USB-C port at the bottom of the controller. The cable will be supplied when you purchase the product.

Lift will likely stop them from selling in the US so that explains that…

What happened to Pegasus? Website has disappeared… Does anyone know what happened? Bankruptcy? Patent issues?

For me, both website AND instagram work.