Personal Tow-In Boat

So, we’ve built a baby jetski/RIB for a bunch of applications and will be testing it for personal tow-in next week. The idea is that you have a 900mHz GPS on you and when you let go of the rope, you can tell it to come to you to take you back out.

We are having issues finding high quality ESC & Motor. They simply don’t last when you are pumping bursts of 90 amps at 12S through them. Has anyone got some good links to industrial grade waterproof motors and water cooled ESCs?

I have two chinese ESCs, Flier 400A 3>16s, water-cooled, running 12s with bursts of 120A (jet propulsion) without issues.
If it’s for your “LifeSava” which by the way sounds very Australian haha, then you want more reliable solution, I don’t know a specific product but try consulting with “MGM”, a big name in the industry of high amp (and price) setup, second option is “APD”.

Thanks for the tips. I’ll have a look.

So, I have tested a number of Chinese ESCs and they are all rubbish.

Talking to an Aussie company who make high end ESCs, I decided to bite the bullet and build our own unit based on theirs. We have high hopes for this little water colled ESC - 60V 200A - Aussie Amps, not Chinese Amps!