Phase wire - contact with water

Hi guys, I started a low budget efoil project, 6384 outrunner, epoxied running wet which is working fine during my pool static thrust test.
Since I’m not too sure about my solder joint insulation job - I wonder what’s the worst that could happen if there’s a cut/exposed solder joint on phase wires underwater? Any thoughts?
Thanks, Eden.

First built on 8s , go my motor twisted inside the can with all the wires exposed in water ( in my can) , was inside the water next to it testing , nothing , just my motor burned

Seated on my board , my leg on the phase plugs ( wires running to the front box) , current itching my leg (8s)

Know not the same if 12s and no idea with only 1 wire

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I once cleaned a motor in water bucket on 6s, (was covered with sand)
I was holding it unintentionally by the phase plugs as I spun it with the remote and it was really itchy borderline painful, I dropped it immediately.

Watch the latest video in my feed. This is the breakdown of the phase wire.

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Nothing instantly will happen. 12S might shock you a bit but nothing dangerous. Happened to me before it’s just not that nice to continuously get shocked. Besides this corrosion of parts will go much faster especially the grounded parts nearby the open contact get eaten like crazy.

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Thanks Kwinty, so the motor could keep spinning in water without damaging the ESC?
I’m not talking about hard phase to phase short, just incase there’s a slight nick/crack in the insulation?

There would be no short between the wires via the water. The water not conductive enough for that. But you might get some nice corrosion around them that later could cause some trouble but if you check once in a while it should be okay. If you use glue lined heatshrink and you should be okay.

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Thank you buddy, finally getting a straight answer for something I been worried about for so long, not only do I use the glue-lined shrink but also a couple layers of liquid tape coating over the solder joints and then a nice bath of corrosion-x for everything, sometimes I take things to the extreme, OCD much.