Placing foil-assist box on the body

This guy put foil-drive on the waist.
What is your opinion about this concept ?

Comments from this video:

I bought a padded belt to try this, just haven’t had time to make my cable longer.

Makes sense to keep the weight off the board. Signal would be heaps better to during take offs.

A the cable should be more than strong enough the handle wipe outs. Just needs a bit of stretch to prevent the shock loads which could cause damage - something like this would work well but $$$

Regarding signal - maybe just use a direct cable control. Or even a button on the belt itself. It can become the simplest combination…

Zero control over the tightness of the box. It’s one thing to see fireworks on the board, but it’s completely different when it happens on your waist.

Some of the “risks” have been pointed out but I don’t understand the value of having the “box” on your body vs on the board. How does this make the experience better???

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Here is how he attached it - camera waist harness

Prone foiling in waves with a foil drive looks pedestrian due to the weight on the board. The battery box on the waist belt makes a lot of sense for reducing board swing/pump weight.

I’m wondering if my kite harness could hold the battery case, and the harness can also be used with a peak 3m kite to get me upwind.

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OK thanks for the logic behind the value of moving the weight off the board. I don’t pump foil so it wasn’t making sense to me. So “rider” weight increases but you apply that to the board along with your other weight rather than have a “heavier” board. Got it.

There pros and cons to this. Ultimately to reduce swing weight you need the battery positioned perfectly on the COG point. With a standard foil drive this is not easy to achieve without mods to the board. I’ve been working on something different to try get the best of all worlds, but time will tell if its a winner or not…

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Bellow the board? LaCroix?

Well yes and no…
Not like Lacroix…
One of the options is under the board though…

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I finished mine today and tested it on the body. Didn’t have time to take it to the waves, but it works great. I cut my existing wire and made an extension, it’s a total of about 4-5ft. I used MR-60 connectors and can still mount it to my board easily or adjust the wire length as needed. I will probably use paracord for a leash, but I just tied my board leash to the belt and made it slightly shorter than the cable length and it worked well.

This is the belt I used with 2 titan straps and it works, but the action sports one from the video is probably a lot more sturdy. I really won’t know until I get on the waves and start pumping around to see how good it works.

MOLLE Padded Patrol Belt with…

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MR-60 is only 20A?
And it is not water resistant?

They are not water resistant and ya something like 20a.

They work great. I use them on my tow boogie also with no issues. I spray corrosion x on them, but I don’t think that’s even necessary because they are gold plated. Use at your own risk and make sure to get Amass brand if you do.

Corrosion x is non conducting.
Clinko make some nice 3 pin connectors.

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I use corrosion x mostly to protect the wire from the salt water thats definitely gonna get on the wires at the solder point.

Indeed, thanks. Just the most current I find Clinko is 35A.

Just take into account 20ohm/cm of sea water losses. And the connector resistivity losses because of using with higher current than rated.

I am sure there is better solutions. I am just sharing what works for me.

I can E-foil with this setup on my 56L at 190lbs with an Armstrong 1125 foil without the connections or wires getting hot.

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