Planetary gear - What makes a quality one?

Reisenauer gear reducers seems to be quite good as no one in this forum has ever complained (yet !) about it or wore it out.

So I just ordered a chief one today. The super chief shaft was too small, so was its maximum power.

I am wondering what makes a gear reducer a quality one ? I understand that precision steel work can be done for cheap in India or China. Titanium is also easy to find nowadays. So why is for instance the Reisenauer great and the PLE 40 not as great ? Why is it twice as expensive ? ( I just paid 300 Euros for the chief, 5mm pinion and flange…).

A link for the fun :slight_smile:


There is something wrong with your link , not all parts are supposed to move :smile: Or i won’t go very far … In the chief set up the Green part is not moving