Please help me find the right battery

Hello everyone, I am trying to figure out what type,model of battery and charger would be more suitable and/or compatible for my build, with the parts you can see in the picture that I have already bought. I am not an expert myself, so anyone that has succeded can help. I approximately would like the battery to last up to 50-60mins. Also I am wondering what would be best a custom build one or a premade? I unfortunately cannot order from China or USA as the customs fees are extremely high and my budget is not that big.
However, I have plenty of space on the board for the battery. Please let me know of any cheap batteries and chargers that could work with the build.
Thanks in advance

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Seaking can only handle 12S, so you need to stay below that. I have a 12s15p battery pack which I think is overkill. But you need something along those lines. I made my custom, but perhaps you can find a 44v ebike battery pack?

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Do your self a favour and stay away from lipos. I’m not sure why so many guys are using them?? Way more expensive in the long run because they don’t last. Get yourself an 18650 pack, as Tyler said you need a big pack to get the range, handle the current and keep the temperature down.

Since I switched from Lipos I haven’t looked back. Currently running 12S12P direct drive 80100 and ride time, once you get the hang of it, is just under 60 mins (80kg on a good day!)

Its worth the investment and quite rewarding if you build it yourself.


hello team again
one question can i connect this battery to do some test until i make a new one ?


500w 4 ampère output NO WAY !
You will either destroy / set it on fire

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Please try with lipos, probably less problems at the beginning.

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4 Amp is charger!. This one 500W 36 V. So max output is 14 A. Still not enough.

anyway you need a battery with at least 100amp output

Ciao io ho i tuoi stessi pezzi e mi sono fatto fare dalla cina una batteria 48V 20A con display V e % di carica l ho fatta fare su misura 27x 24x6 cm , la devo ancora testare in acqua perché sto aspettando la bella stagione , la durata dovrebbe essere di 40 minuti, il peso 5kg come avere due pacchi batteria da 24V 20 A l una e messe in serie con peso da 2,5 kg l una prova a fartela fare in base alle tue caratteristiche di attacco e in più mi hanno dato il caricatore

It will be ok for bench testing. If that is what you mean. But not big enough for water testing.
The SSS motors dont draw much current until you load them up in the water.