Please help me in DIY a sea scooter

hi guys !
hope everyone is doing great and okay, i am just confused a lil bite and need help in chosing good materials to build a sea scooter scuba and waydoo subnado are expensive and import taxes here in my country make it hard

my desired distance is 5km salt sea of course

here is my starting plan and really need guidance and help from u guys

1- brushless sss motor 2960 series KV2200 or KV2881 or KV3000 or KV4122
2- esc ( any recommendation for a good one)
3- li ion batteries or any recommendations
4- propeller
my goal is to go for a run of 5km from the plage to an island thats near to the beache
thats it !

You could read thisas a source of inspiration :wink:
'Kahe POD / Decathlon ITWIT SUP Assist