Pointers for attaching prop to F5085

Folks, I finally decided to start with the F5085 650W waterproof motor (IP28) and FSESC 4.12 as a starting point (want to learn VESC). I didn’t want to deal with waterproofing, and didn’t want to drop $400 for the F65161. I know it won’t get me foiling, but I’m hoping that it’ll get me on a plane, or at the very least provide a leisurely 5mph displacement cruising speed.

This is after doing a bunch of research on various motors.

My question is how to attach a prop to this thing. I think because they’ve gone for the waterproofing, there’s no shaft sticking out, instead it’s some kind of 3 screw rotating plate, maybe? There seem to be no docs other than the mechanical diagram which doesn’t really answer my question. Any tips appreciated.


Why you not take a cheap and power APS 63100 motor for that?

Heard bad things about APS, also it’s not waterproof?

No, it is a good motor. And yes he is not waterproof. But you can coat theme easy with epoxy and change the bearings.
@V_S and a lot of other guys are riding successfully this motor.
@kotnascher also and he are reaching high speeds and need less Batterypower.